Mindful leadership

I’m creating a tutorial on how to become a respected political leader in Estonia.

Ground 0 tip: Buy a big house and talk a lot, maybe sing a couple of songs. You now have proof you are a great leader, because you are able to memorize slogans better than anyone in the village.

Tip nr 1. As the final argument in any discussion, you use a good stompy punch and then you pee on them to show dominance. Empirical evidence show, this will work. (Limited warranty)

Tip nr 2. Be real quiet if there’s a difficult problem which would include calculations and annoying nerdy stuff like that, you’re probably not a numbers person anyway. But crank up the volume when there are penis and vagina problems. Uterus problems are also cool, but they’re high maintenance because a doctor might walk in and start threatening everyone with cancer, so uterus should be plan B. On the other hand, if you could find some type of way to keep the vagina and penis talks on autopilot, like using millions of government funds to create a cool poll to vote which are the best set of penis/vajayjay combinations, you’re set for months and you get thousands of clicks while having hands free to do other things, like eating cake.

Visibly a very wise frog, look at the seriousness.

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