Contemporary painting with ink and acrylics.

A small selection of the artworks. See more at (shop) or (gallery).

Ink ravens

This topic appeared some years ago when I tried experimenting with ink. What I loved about the ink originally was clean and neat silhouettes and very strong contrast. The initial style turned into a couple of slightly varying series – the ink blot ravens on white remained and other more mixed styles were added.

Some of the raven paintings are available for ordering on Etsy.

Oil and acrylic paintings

The art of oil painting was my first and instant favorite for sure. What is so great about oil paint is that you have endless time to create what you wanted to, no rush at all. Acrylics is a bit less forgiving but overall they’re both friends.

Some of the acrylic and oil paintings are for sale in the landscapes and nature section. Sometimes there are contemporary oil paintings available. The links direct to the Etsy.

Ink cows and rainfrogs

The frogs and cows are a way to draw about anything that pops into mind or a feeling I had that day or something that I saw and made me chuckle.

Some of the most recent comical sketch style rainfrog and cow ink paintings are also listed for sale on Etsy.