About and Contact

Behind the scenes of a sunrise shoot.
Photo by Triin Erg (c)

Dear reader, I’ve started this blog to write about painting, drawing, craftwork and occasional road trips. Most of the artwork is of birds, love and cows, most of the road trips lead to an abandoned building. The blog is not updated often. Please see Etsy, Instagram or Twitter for more up to date posts and latest drawings. The point of this blog is to create some content which isn’t time related, so while you might.

I’m a painter, using contemporary mediums like ink, acrylic paints and oil paints. I’ve been drawing since forever and will continue to.

Please send an e-mail through this contact form if you have any questions at all, I’m happy to answer them if I can. I will receive your e-mail in my phone in about 2 hours (lag) but I will reply when I have the answer. The day and night are almost reversed if you’re in US and I’m in Eastern Europe. (Last updated 24.10.2020)

hug painting lovers couple support silja erg
Acrylic painting “Hug” 2014 /Akrüülmaal “Kallistus” 2014
Estonian Landscape 60x80 oil
Oil painting “Estonian landscape”  2009 / Õlimaal “Eesti maastik” 2009

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