Some of the artworks are listed on my Etsy art shop. You can find paintings for bedrooms, dorm, kitchen and if you want to live on the edge, it’s okay to hang the paintings where ever you would like them to be.

Ships from: Tartu, Estonia, North Europe (European Union)

Paintings are from me.

Posters are printed in Estonia.

The paintings and prints are on canvas sheets and paper sheets, no frames under or in front (exceptions are described with a keyword “stretched canvas”). The main reason for this is that shipping without frames is best for safe delivery worldwide and the allowed size threshold is better – there are actually size limits for packages (I discovered)! Shipping rolled canvas/paper is the safest and costs the least. I’ve found that for the bigger formats, shipping on a frame will cost the customer way more than buying the frame later at home locally.

Please visit the Etsy shop to find  available paintings, you can make your purchase using the site, you can also buy without registering. There is a variety of international payment options, please see the Etsy site to see if it offers your favorite one. Shipping is worldwide, packages ship from European Union, Estonia.

Important to get what you’re looking for, if some of the listings are not clear, please message me and ask. For example, if you’re looking for an original painting (which means, it’s the original, done with a brush and artist paints by hand) then look for the tags “painting, original etc”. Prints are created using a printer and the tags or the listing title must have the word “print” or “giclee print” in them. There are also other ways of creation, for example “mixed media” or “decoupage” which means the artwork is  painted and there may colorful printed paper glued onto the painting.

cuddling couple painting by 5erg silja erg
Ink painting of a cuddling couple printed onto a canvas – a poster print is born! The printed posters are listed with the tag “PRINT”.
Ink painting of a bird in a rainstorm by 5erg silja erg
Ink painting of a bird in a rainstorm
raven art crow art ink painting by 5erg silja erg
Ink painting of a raven
Kauksi rannas 003
A very relaxing idea for a painting day, go to the lake, the Sun is directly on your head and the sand is fifty degrees, so you might get some ideas.