Painting poppies with ink

Ink splatter on canvas. Painting poppies and relaxing. A4 size for artwork is so nice, you can sit and paint!


Ink painting on canvas poppies2016-01-26 (2)


Flower paintings with ink

Ink splatter and flower paintings on canvases. See more at

Working progress with inks and canvas, the starter kit:

Abstract flowerbed ink artwork on canvas:

Abstract flower bed wall art

Black and white roses with ink splatter:

2015-10-03 (11)

Black and white flowers/tulips, done with inks on canvas:2015-10-03 (10)

Yellow blossoms with ink:2015-10-03 (9)

And for the last, red poppies with inks. Splatter art!2015-10-03 (8)