Rainfrogs: pandemic alternatives to hugs and greetings

Some greetings can remain the same, anything involving putting hands up is timeless and universal, perfect for any occasion.

There is a range of new age hugs developed over the 10 months. Here is a formal type of alternative hug for congratulating people you know.
Here we can see an example of a more friendly alternative hug, as you can see, the arms are almost touching, but gracefully miss.
A beginner level alternative pandemic hug, no dance skills required. The key is to do a regular hug but reversed. This is also the perfect position to share chip updates after your vaccine.
Here we can see a pretty intimate gesture. As you can see it involves putting a hand on another creatures face, so this is more of a nostalgic moment, a remainder from the time you could do that. If you do this the recipient will be taken back to a simpler time and will be able to relax for a minute.

Ink painting – red and black grim reaper

This is an ink painting on a canvas sheet, 8×11 https://www.etsy.com/listing/761615276/grim-reaper-angel-of-death-original-ink

ink painting by 5erg grim reaper drawing raven painting black ink red ink

What a mysterious rainstorm (new raven painting)

Autumn has crackling energy about it, it’s something to enjoy each year.

Direct link to etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/715813928

flying raven ink painting on canvas by silja erg 5erg black and white ink art

Late summer cuddle art (on canvas)

The paintings here are about 8×11 inches and on a canvas sheet.



black and white sketch art cute couple art gift


cuddle art cute couple snuggling drawing


catnap cute cat artwork painting cat sketch pet portrait fun



Early morning (landscape painting)

Acrylic painting on canvas, about 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm).

Early morning Southern Estonian landscape. I was trying to think of a place that I’d love to walk into in the morning and remember all of the elements that give out a sense of  calm.


eesti maastikumaal päiksetõus estonian landscape art silja erg õlimaal

Acrylic painting of children blowing bubbles

This is a bigger acrylic painting I was working on this winter, enjoyed thinking back at childhood and about taking on small adventures with friends.

Poster prints are available at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/716522127

acrylic painting on a canvas by 5erg silja erg bubbles night sky moon children blowing bubbles

Running black horse painting (ink)

Had a bit of fun with ink splashes! Here is a painting of a running black horse, I enjoyed making it a bit creepy and the color scheme must be my favorite :’)

running dark horse black mustang art painting with ink by silja erg 5erg


More similar paintings at. https://www.etsy.com/shop/5erg

The Rainfrog Chronicles II


a couple of new rainfrog drawings have emerged over the weeks, they are also very seasonal and colorful. I’ve also added some inspirations.

Some time ago someone looked up and noticed a huge hole in the sky.  She phoned it in and was asked to immediately shut the hole down and stop doing whatever was causing the hole, because otherwise the space would get in and fry us up alive if it remained open for too long. We got a couple of other trial holes and a sneak peak, did a review on it and decided we don’t want the planet to burn to crisp. For about thirty years everyone stayed on track and the trial holes in the sky were healing steadily and starting to close down. Years later on a very regular day, someone started secretly smoking up some skyhole gas into the sky, hoping they wouldn’t get caught and noone would notice. A great plan in all the details, besides the huge sky hole getting bigger right above their heads that really ruins all the sky photos. This has been the story of a huge secret factory with very small hands, and it will have a happy ending soon.


frog art painting drawing comics strip cartoon drawing blog rainfrogs frogs 5erg
The rainfrog enjoying suntanning


frog art painting drawing comics strip cartoon drawing blog rainfrogs frogs 5erg
Rainfrog in its own element


“The desert rain frog is spending the day dug into sand. It emerges at night and wanders about.” Wikipedia


frog art painting drawing comics strip cartoon drawing blog rainfrogs frogs 5erg
Rainfrog enjoying the urban nature at the botanical garden


frog art painting drawing comics strip cartoon drawing blog rainfrogs frogs 5erg
Rainfrog having such a great day, its arranged its own folk dance


The paintings are for sale and ship internationally, you can find the listings when you click the links or see the cartoon sketch category here.