Inktober 2017 drawing challenge

Every year hundreds of people take part in this online art challenge called Inktober. The starter posts 30 topics, one for each day and you can tag your work and check out others’ work on the same topic.

Here we go with the first days!

Day 1, SWIFT




ink paintings by silja erg 5erg

The entire list of this years topics is here, come on and join!



Don’t be shy to release your art into the world

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you‘ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman.

The quote above applies to some fields more than others (the quoted sir was talking about technologies), but in creativity I feel it’s essential to not keep things shelved too long either and not to wait for the perfect work to be completed before you let someone else see it.  It’s helpful to get used to putting your work out there and getting comments in a half way finished work. While doing that, try not to explain yourself or defend yourself with the fact that it’s unfinished work whether it’s a single piece of painting or writing or a concept for an event, but instead of focusing on yourself, try to listen and see if someone has anything to say that may be great criticism on the entire concept or a part of it that you hadn’t even noticed.

The way that people react in a certain way that can be accounted for a silent feedback also. Handling the feedback is another topic of course and this is a very complicated part of it, but for one thing for example,  with some subjects it’s good if everyone doesn’t approve (critical subjects, issues or neutral topics that only minority has heard of)  and for some topics it matters if the crows responds positively (general goal is to create something positive and relatable or amusing for most viewers) or if the crowd responds negatively is a good thing if you’re surrounded in a crowd that you don’t agree with.

Quick note about being afraid that someone will steal your idea before you’ve finished on it if you’re too public about it – I wouldn’t worry about it too much,  there are so many ideas floating around everywhere that ideas themselves are nearly worthless, everyone has thought of a ton of stuff that they might do or can do if they had time, but they won’t. You must have met a person or two who will go to the president of the universe and for the first thing start suggesting some top of the head random universe presidenting ideas and then leave the room and will never think of the topic again. You do that do, I assure you, you just have forgotten about it, because when you were doing it, the subject really didn’t matter to you longer than during that one conversation. Most people are like that, they like their brain picked and presented with a chance to think about something for a couple of minutes but they don’t care what happens next. So, as you may know, an idea is nothing without a very specific way of execution, and that is something that only a small number of people are motivated to do and then there is an even smaller number of people who actually do it to the end.

So here we go, in conclusion all what I wanted to say was that if you think that hearing what other people have to say about your artwork or creation might be exciting for you, then you don’t have to wait until you’ve perfected your work, especially if it looks like that perfection seeking is something that is holding you back and stopping you. Then I feel like the perfection seeking is really fear, not quality control.

We Can’t Stop Here, This is Bear Country

Road trip summer is coming to an end, we’ve been circling the nature sites in South and East Estonia and my theory is that what put us on the move is this unusually cold summer, until the end of july we didn’t see a day over +16C.

It sounds bad but it also means that the nature is behind one month, which also means that everything is fully blossoming, colorful and green a month later than usual. Not a great summer for leisure but a great one for looking around and browsing the picture perfect sites in nature. I’ve never seen such perfect greenery this late in the summer or the forest full of blueberries , bright yellow Gantharellus cibarius mushrooms and strawberries and the flower fields so full of blossoms.

These small road trips have had a huge influence on my painting work this summer, I noticed there have been a ton of bears and green trees on my painting desk.

Even when we were sitting at the beach in East, lake Peipus, ended up sketching bears. I added two pictures I will add the others later. As most of the time, paintings are available at


bear illustration watercolor painting


bear illustration watercolor painting for sale


The resistance cow


The resistance cows are getting harder and harder to farm, some of them have even gone into the extreme and think they don’t even need to be farmed. This is worrying for several well behaved cows. Moo!

Trump resistance painting

The strawberry milk cow standing in the rain and not being disturbed.

Comical strawberry cow illustration with ink

Peipsi tint. Taking my own ink to the ocean. But it’s a lake instead.

Peipsi tint (Osmerus eperlanus morfa spirinchus) is a fish that lives very happily in the great lake of Peipsi, in the East part of Estonia. My word, I get it, Peipsi has the best beaches, especially in the northern side. Best meaning here that it’s very slowly getting deeper, there are hardly any people there and it’s so clean. Not sure if someone cleans it or it just stays like this, but never seen even a cigarette butt out there. Maybe the Peipsi tint eats it.

Oh and now I’ve missed out on a perfectly good pun too, because Peipsi is the lake,  “tint” also means “ink” in Estonian and I was out there at the Peipsi shore painting with inks.
Moment of silence for the pun.

But here we go, off to the next topic and that is house cafes. We had a coffee and a cake at the cutest one in Kallaste. If you happen to go see the sandstone cliff (you know that awkward moment when there’s that time when you have to call a 4 meter sandstone exposure a cliff to get a feeling you went and saw something) at Kallaste town, you can find the Anna cafe and hostel near the crossroad and it’s like a Russian theme house that is an experience (notice: Estonia is not Russia. Russia is different. But there are a lot of Estonian Russians living near the Peipsi lakes Estonian side and it’s a part of the areas culture and it’s interesting).


Kauksi rannas 003
Painting with ink at Kauksi
Kauksi rannas 011
Anna cafe and hostel at Kallaste

Painting clowns

These guys in Finland, pa-trolling the hate mongers this winter, brilliant.

Loldiers of Odin in Tampere, Finland

Love them and wanted to paint a big picture to hang on my wall to remind us that there are still good people in the world. And I wish them a lot of strength in their fight against blind fear. They’re on Facbook: You know we need them, let them know too.


010 maal
acrylics on canvas, 50x100cm


Painting at Kauksi beach in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia

I’ve never seen such cute waves at Kauksi, without wind! And imagine that, on august 6th, you have the beginning of a +30C heat wave. Must remember to save some tanning lotion for August also!

2015-08-06 kauksi ja 30 kraadi 033

2015-08-06 kauksi ja 30 kraadi 034

My friend tanning:

2015-08-06 kauksis (3)

The best wave:

2015-08-06 kauksis (2)

The ants were busy and very friendly:

2015-08-06 kauksis (1)

On our way back home we stopped at Ninasi in Ida-Virumaa, where was an abandoned postal office.

Ninasi postijaam - ida virumaa

Ninasi postijaam

Ninasi postijaam    Ninasi postijaam

A lookouraound platworm tower, as if I knew the correct term, behind the Ninasi bus stop. It’s closed, but you know, wouldn’t it be nice to climb this rusty net, right to the top.

Ninasi vaatetorn

And then this cute fish staiway next to Kose watermill:

Kose veski kalatrepp

And there is home and huge amount of ice cream!