One Year Pause (AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

Looks like it was exactly one year ago when I made the last post. When the war started in Europe on February 24th 2022, it influenced some things. Russia invaded Ukraine and is still trying to occupy it for some unknown reason. You’ve probably noticed, so I don’t need to write about the timeline of it.

I will just continue with the art blog. I didn’t really make any new paintings in 2022 besides two oil paintings, but I need to make more during 2023! There are no problems here, but just that the time flies by doing random stuff all day!

Thanks to some people pushing a bit, thanks to them October 2022 was a little bit artsy:

Ink painting with a lantern 8×12″, canvas,
Ink painting on canvas, 8×12 (sold)

Inktober 2019 (First five days)

A drawing challenge and can you believe my luck, the one that got global is using ink as the medium!  The first 5 days were easy to stay on track. Then somehow another 5 days passed and I’m in dept but crawling on.

Here are the first 5 days, embedded from my Instagram.

DAY 1 – RING  Ring a ring o roses

DAY 2 – MINDLESS a bit mental king Louis 14th.

DAY 3 – BAIT weird new cheese brand trend

DAY 4 – FROZEN dwights snowmen

DAY 5 – BUILD monday briefing of the forest builder ceo’s

inktober 2019 first five days ring mindless bait frozen build sketch drawings

Topics list for this year:

What a mysterious rainstorm (new raven painting)

Autumn has crackling energy about it, it’s something to enjoy each year.

Direct link to etsy:

flying raven ink painting on canvas by silja erg 5erg black and white ink art

Inktober 2017 drawing challenge

Every year hundreds of people take part in this online art challenge called Inktober. The starter posts 30 topics, one for each day and you can tag your work and check out others’ work on the same topic.

Here we go with the first days!

Day 1, SWIFT




ink paintings by silja erg 5erg

The entire list of this years topics is here, come on and join!