One Year Pause (AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

Looks like it was exactly one year ago when I made the last post. When the war started in Europe on February 24th 2022, it influenced some things. Russia invaded Ukraine and is still trying to occupy it for some unknown reason. You’ve probably noticed, so I don’t need to write about the timeline of it.

I will just continue with the art blog. I didn’t really make any new paintings in 2022 besides two oil paintings, but I need to make more during 2023! There are no problems here, but just that the time flies by doing random stuff all day!

Thanks to some people pushing a bit, thanks to them October 2022 was a little bit artsy:

Ink painting with a lantern 8×12″, canvas,
Ink painting on canvas, 8×12 (sold)

Maintenance (raven ink paintings)

Just spray everything with wolf urine and put bees on a fence, for protection, so noone can take your January grayness. This is of most importance.

Ink painting (Sold)
Ink painting, 8×12″ on paper.
Ink painting on paper, 8×12″

Rainfrogs, enjoying the spring of 2021

Eurovision is back on! May!
Enjoying the very early spring, it’s a bit hard to focus and look at things since it’s too bright from ice and new Sun. April!
The earliest spring of all early springs – the first roadtrip gas station break, a handful of willow branches with fluffy catkins (willow chicklets!) and the upcoming cold from looking at some icy lake beauty for too long. The first days of March!

Cool strawberries

The rainfrog enjoying a nice new job it got in May, it’s really interesting and cool to pick strawberries through the winter, because they grow frozen so they’re like cute natural popsicles¬†. So you can enjoy a nice ice cold treat in a warm home you definitely have on that year long strawberry season salary.

Late summer cuddle art (on canvas)

The paintings here are about 8×11 inches and on a canvas sheet. 


black and white sketch art cute couple art gift

cuddle art cute couple snuggling drawing

catnap cute cat artwork painting cat sketch pet portrait fun