The Review of Your Life: You sucked at math in 3rd grade

A number of ideas you’ve ever learned were learned in cycles of 3 or less years.  So at any time and any age, learning something new doesn’t take that long compared to your entire life. Something that your 30-year old self thought is “not you” or your 9th grade teacher told you suck at or your kindergarten teacher complimented you on, it’s not a portrait of your entire life, it’s not a real think, the “Review of You”. How would they know.  You think you had a role to fill and you always were bad at whatever you think you were bad at and good at whatever your 30 random group mates happened to know less about at that time, it doesn’t matter. It was only a couple of years of someones subjective comments. But to be fair, quite a few positive comments are pretty useless out of context also. Some positive comments are meant to guide you towards something that is useful for the reviewer and to make you more like them or turn you towards actions that might benefit them. You get patted on the back if your action reminded the reviewer of their life and you get suggestions for a change if it didn’t; at that time. The passing by reviewer will change their opinion in accordance with trends, development, your style of clothes, favorite brand of cigarettes or the town you were born in,  it’s temporary and pointless so who cares.  Put words on Bingo balls and blow some out of the tube onto a wall, you will get a more accurate review of your life and potential.

The only reason to learn a skill, is when your skills suck. So if you’re really bad at something at whatever age but you like doing it for whatever reason, it would be pretty silly to stop there at the start line.


2017-11-30 (15)
Future goals.


I suck at physics (what’s a good rhyme for Ohm) , traveling (I know there must be an exit in this supermarket) and sports (how do you know if this batch of sand will make your bike fall or not if you haven’t tried).  But this is all very much related to the time and effort I have(nt) put into these, not because I couldn’t read a map as a baby or was destined to never travel.