Abstract sepia ink crow #ink #painting #abstract

9×12 ink crow, portrait (on blue background)

Experimenting with more colours, this is a lovely shade of yellow ochre, one of my favorites for sure. I added this into the original raven painting section: https://www.etsy.com/listing/912504127.

Splatter raven ink painting

Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg
Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg, painting progress photo
Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg
Ink painting 22 x 48 inches. (Sold)

This is inktober and where is the ink! Still inside the pot! NO! This is wrong. So here we go, lets free the ink! Maybe it will turn into a raven.

Some of the raven painting are available here in the art shop.

Ink painting – red and black grim reaper

This is an ink painting on a canvas sheet, 8×11 https://www.etsy.com/listing/761615276/grim-reaper-angel-of-death-original-ink

ink painting by 5erg grim reaper drawing raven painting black ink red ink