Ornamented smoking skull drawing

I started drawing/painting this on the “Mask” day of the Inktober drawing challenge, but I’m still working on it every evening when I’m having my evening tea.

Here are some progress photos of the artwork.

Later can be found at www.5erg.etsy.com


inktober 2017 skull drawing maskskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink paintingskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink painting


Felt Christmas ornaments last ones in stock

In case you were planning on ordering any of the felt cats or snowmen or the angler fish for your Christmas tree this year, I thought I’d mention I can’t add new ones this year so this is all that is left in stock this year. I’m sorry!

Worldwide shipping usually takes 2..4 weeks, Europe is a bit faster but not too much.

Direct link to the section: https://www.etsy.com/shop/5erg?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=19550973

needle felted christmas ornaments felt decoration cubicle companions


Art supplies – sketchpad with glued edges

Talking about art supplies, I found a pretty neat painting paper.
It’s like regular a sketchpad, but glued together from all the sides. This way the glued together edges work like painting tape –  glue holds the paper from curling with moisture and also protects other sheets from paint. When you’re finished, you can cut the painting from the pad and it’s straight.

Cons, the price and you can’t roll this paper, because it’s 420g.

SM-LT Pro Create Acrylic Painting Paper



Raven artwork

Lets have a special day for the ravens and crows.

 Another thing, no need to get too specific about the species, if you’re creating abstract artwork , but a few people will certainly point out that your demon raven isn’t genetically appropriate, so if you want to, you can be prepared then start with checking out this chart of comparison. You’ve probably never seen a raven if you don’t get out in the forests and parks but you have seen a ton of crows and jackdaws everywhere. If you want to see a raven, you need to go out into the forest and walk around for ten years and get lucky to see a huge black solo bird flying away, trying to avoid you.

Source: http://www.ohiobirdsanctuary.com/blog/2017/06/21/hey-did-you-know
Pildiotsingu raven crow difference tulemus
Source: http://highlineonline.ca/whats-the-difference-between-a-raven-and-a-crow/ 

After your lesson about the shapes and characters of ravens and crows and adding raven expert in your CV – if you’d like to draw one, you could continue to select only one aspect you like about them today. For example, I think the thing to notice about drawing these lovely birds is that they are very spikey in general,  their bones are hollow and they are like a heap of needles. This is the general feel I’m trying to capture on the first raven/crow paintings below. It’s easier to concentrate on one aspect of the birds and then create the entire artwork around only one characteristic. For example, if you’re fascinated by the beautiful black feathers, then maybe put all your effort into drawing the part of the blue-teal-black shimmer on the feathers; maybe if you’re fascinated by the character of these smart birds, you can forget about the other details and concentrate on the eyes or a close up portrait and finally, maybe if you’re fascinated with the flight motion, forgot about all the details, and concentrate on creating paintings that have some motion in them.

Here are some examples of paintings and drawings I’ve created recently, to illustrate how to concentrate on only one aspect of the subject, decide what you’re noticing today and create your entire image around only that one aspect and forget about everything else for that day.

Paintings via www.5erg.etsy.com

The needle-pile aspect of birds, the interesting macro structure:

raven painting crow painting ink art abstract artraven painting crow painting ink art abstract art


The talonds of birds remind the time they were still dinosaurs:talons raven painting crow painting ink art abstract art


The way the birds fly in flocks in such huge numbers, it looks like a new and bigger creature:

raven painting crow painting ink art abstract artraven painting crow painting ink art abstract art smoke monster bird monster


Paintings about the motion of flying:

abstract crow painting sumi ink painting bird art

2017-07-22 (14)


The dramatic view of a bird flying in the rain:

abstract dramatic raven crow art painting on canvas thunderstorm

Inktober 2017 drawing challenge

Every year hundreds of people take part in this online art challenge called Inktober. The starter posts 30 topics, one for each day and you can tag your work and check out others’ work on the same topic.

Here we go with the first days!

Day 1, SWIFT




ink paintings by silja erg 5erg

The entire list of this years topics is here, come on and join!


Forest paintings (59 degrees north)

Paintings inspired by the forest walks.

Boreal forest (palumets) or between us, The Pretty Forest, it’s the type that is covered with moss and high thin pine trees for example spring out of the ground in even spaces. You can find blueberries and cranberries and mushrooms there and walk around with dry feet, it’s full of light and room and smells really good. The word ‘palumets’ that is used to describe this type of forest comes from the word cranberry (‘palukas’) which grow in there in heaps.

Paintings via www.5erg.etsy.com

2017-09-26 1 (4)2017-09-26 1 (6)2017-09-26 1 (5)


I will link some Estonian forest photos I found on the internet, sources are linked in the descriptions.

Pildiotsingu männimets tulemus
Source: Looduse aasta foto 2010, Nõiduslik männimets. Foto: Kunter Tätte.
Source: http://pilt.delfi.ee/contest-picture/14329/?show_orginal_only=true

Leopard print paintings

These paintings were made to have some random artwork in the room, my walls are usually empty and I figured I’d put something that wouldn’t be the first thing I’d think of.  The process of painting abstract patterns is interesting, I would recommend trying it.

Ink paintings via www.5erg.etsy.com


2017-07-22 maalid 035 _1

Don’t be shy to release your art into the world

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you‘ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman.

The quote above applies to some fields more than others (the quoted sir was talking about technologies), but in creativity I feel it’s essential to not keep things shelved too long either and not to wait for the perfect work to be completed before you let someone else see it.  It’s helpful to get used to putting your work out there and getting comments in a half way finished work. While doing that, try not to explain yourself or defend yourself with the fact that it’s unfinished work whether it’s a single piece of painting or writing or a concept for an event, but instead of focusing on yourself, try to listen and see if someone has anything to say that may be great criticism on the entire concept or a part of it that you hadn’t even noticed.

The way that people react in a certain way that can be accounted for a silent feedback also. Handling the feedback is another topic of course and this is a very complicated part of it, but for one thing for example,  with some subjects it’s good if everyone doesn’t approve (critical subjects, issues or neutral topics that only minority has heard of)  and for some topics it matters if the crows responds positively (general goal is to create something positive and relatable or amusing for most viewers) or if the crowd responds negatively is a good thing if you’re surrounded in a crowd that you don’t agree with.

Quick note about being afraid that someone will steal your idea before you’ve finished on it if you’re too public about it – I wouldn’t worry about it too much,  there are so many ideas floating around everywhere that ideas themselves are nearly worthless, everyone has thought of a ton of stuff that they might do or can do if they had time, but they won’t. You must have met a person or two who will go to the president of the universe and for the first thing start suggesting some top of the head random universe presidenting ideas and then leave the room and will never think of the topic again. You do that do, I assure you, you just have forgotten about it, because when you were doing it, the subject really didn’t matter to you longer than during that one conversation. Most people are like that, they like their brain picked and presented with a chance to think about something for a couple of minutes but they don’t care what happens next. So, as you may know, an idea is nothing without a very specific way of execution, and that is something that only a small number of people are motivated to do and then there is an even smaller number of people who actually do it to the end.

So here we go, in conclusion all what I wanted to say was that if you think that hearing what other people have to say about your artwork or creation might be exciting for you, then you don’t have to wait until you’ve perfected your work, especially if it looks like that perfection seeking is something that is holding you back and stopping you. Then I feel like the perfection seeking is really fear, not quality control.