Needle felted Christmas ornaments – the grumpy cat and the hysterical cat

Back in the day when I started needle felting these kittens, they were all inspired by one cat, my sisters crazy huge black tabby named Joker. He did not hold back. At all. It was really inspiring, the concentration, the spirit! He would spend the whole day trying to get to the top of the cupboard, just to tip over an empty bottle stacked there and then leave. He thought he owned everything, mostly because he did, at some point. He did not appreciate it if things started going the other direction than he had planned, but he got over it pretty quickly. Although it obviously can ruin someone’s spirit if he is lifted out of the jewelry box sooner than planned, but you have to stay positive, there are a ton of other stuff to wreck, everywhere. Step back and look at the wider picture.


Grumpy cat ornament with Santa’s hat:

Grumpy cat, needle felted:

Needle felted playful cat ornament with the Santa’s hat:

Playful felt cat ornament:


Surprise Christmas Ornament – The Needle Felted Angler fish

Needle felted Christmas ornaments are great because they are light and you can fill the tree with them without making it heavy.

The only thing that must be noted, your cat may have extra interest in it because it’s 100% natural lamb wool and the wool scent may give her flashbacks and bring up the urge to kill. Like a yarn ball does.

An angler fish for the geekery Christmas:



Needle felted Christmas ornaments – snowmen

Once upon a time, when it was the time of many snowflakes and a bit of warmer temperature than usual. While unique and beautiful, no falling snowflake shall stand alone! Together, they will become a snowman. True story, I cry every time.

Set of 12 needle felted snowman Christmas ornaments on Etsy:


Inktober ends, time to hibernate for a year

Happy Halloween and somehow Inktober 2016 has ended so quickly!

I hope everyone who enjoys drawing knows about this challenge already, if you don’t then put it into your calendar for the next year to draw one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. Each day has a preset theme, you need to google it then. It’s fun, I promise :3

Here is the cloud kingdom painting. Available here on etsy:

2016-10-24 1.png


Over the year I’ve discovered the fun side of Instagram, join me here:

Peipsi tint. Taking my own ink to the ocean. But it’s a lake instead.

Peipsi tint (Osmerus eperlanus morfa spirinchus) is a fish that lives very happily in the great lake of Peipsi, in the East part of Estonia. My word, I get it, Peipsi has the best beaches, especially in the northern side. Best meaning here that it’s very slowly getting deeper, there are hardly any people there and it’s so clean. Not sure if someone cleans it or it just stays like this, but never seen even a cigarette butt out there. Maybe the Peipsi tint eats it.

Oh and now I’ve missed out on a perfectly good pun too, because Peipsi is the lake,  “tint” also means “ink” in Estonian and I was out there at the Peipsi shore painting with inks.
Moment of silence for the pun.

But here we go, off to the next topic and that is house cafes. We had a coffee and a cake at the cutest one in Kallaste. If you happen to go see the sandstone cliff (you know that awkward moment when there’s that time when you have to call a 4 meter sandstone exposure a cliff to get a feeling you went and saw something) at Kallaste town, you can find the Anna cafe and hostel near the crossroad and it’s like a Russian theme house that is an experience (notice: Estonia is not Russia. Russia is different. But there are a lot of Estonian Russians living near the Peipsi lakes Estonian side and it’s a part of the areas culture and it’s interesting).


Kauksi rannas 003
Painting with ink at Kauksi
Kauksi rannas 011
Anna cafe and hostel at Kallaste

Midnigh in June – Alatskivi and Kallaste in Estonia

At midnight, as we were already out and were eating our fast food, we decided to look around a bit in the Eastern side of Estonia.

All of these photos are taken between 00:30 and 1:30am.

Alatskivi castle/manor has been very well taken care of these recent years and it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and parks. A bit eery to walk around in the middle of the night, especially when they decided to shut all the lights out when we went on our circle walk. But the whole area has definitely changed to better each year, I’d recommend taking a repeat visit sometime 🙂 Wait for the sunrise and go sit by the lake!


2016-06-30 anni öötrip 048 SMALL
Alatskivi castle park, Estonia


When we got to Kallaste around 1am, half of the sky had turned dark but you could still see the pink sky on one side. 2016-06-30 anni öötrip 080

Kallaste is a lakeshore town on the Estonian side of the huge Peipsi lake that separates Russia and Estonia. So if you squint your eyes and imagine stuff that isn’t really there, you can definitely spot Russia on the other side of the lake.

2016-06-30 anni öötrip 092 level SMALL heele
1am, Kallaste , Peipsi lake


There was this lonely boar hitting the small waves on the shore, thank you for that ghostly soundtrack. The photo is taken with long exposure, the photo below is better for showing what human eye could see.

And yes, I was impressed that the pink sky never went away during the entire night. And yes, I knew it doesn’t do that in June. I guess when you live inside a forest or in a town, you forget some cool stuff, for example the time where the sunset meets the sunrise.

2016-06-30 anni öötrip 095 SMALL
1 am, Kallaste lakeshore, Peipsi lake, Estonia.


Painting clowns

These guys in Finland, pa-trolling the hate mongers this winter, brilliant.

Loldiers of Odin in Tampere, Finland

Love them and wanted to paint a big picture to hang on my wall to remind us that there are still good people in the world. And I wish them a lot of strength in their fight against blind fear. They’re on Facbook: You know we need them, let them know too.


010 maal
acrylics on canvas, 50x100cm


Cute little wide angle lens for my galaxy

Cheap phone gadgets I got from ebay for a few dollars – clipon fisheye and wide angle lens for Galaxy or whatever phone. Both of these are done with the fisheye and I’m holding the wideangle lens in my hand. It clips onto your phone. Quality if the photos is pretty bag with my phone, don’t really think the lenses affected it a lot. The cat likes the fisheye.

11925662_170934293256121_1807762655_n 12120490_912205922195115_783988824_n