Cool strawberries

The rainfrog enjoying a nice new job it got in May, it’s really interesting and cool to pick strawberries through the winter, because they grow frozen so they’re like cute natural popsicles . So you can enjoy a nice ice cold treat in a warm home you definitely have on that year long strawberry season salary.

Faith restored in brush markers

Tombow marker! I’ve always thought it would be dreamy to be able to draw in my own style on the go, but my own favorite style right now is rough sketchy looking drawings with lots of splatter and mess. It’s hard to carry a mini messy atelier in the pocket. When I first heard of brush pens I thought I’ve found a solution to my problem, but nope. I tried a few of the marker versions of brushers and all of them are pretty much were same as the regular felt tip marker and the ink that came out looked like penwork (dry and clean or neat looking drawings) and not a brushwork (wet and uneven and rough looking sketches).

Anyway, no luck there, so I quit trying. Until now I just stumbled upon the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker, Color N15 marker from a calligraphy set. I’m still half way testing it out but I’m already a bit impressed. P.s. I’m not a marketing person, but I am a marker person.

This is a color table from the Tombow site. Just lovely to look at.

So far I’ve been totally disappointed in all of the brush markers I’ve bought up here in the north (they’re expensive too, so it’s sad when they don’t work). One exception was one brush marker that someone brought directly from Japan, I didn’t write the name down though, so it’s lost! So when you’re friends fly to Japan and ask what you’d like for a souvenir, Japanese art supplies might be it.

As a final note, I checked the Internet if there were any brush guides that included pictures of brush strokes and found this blog post below. Looks like the entire blog is entirely about calligraphy, loving it:

Mindful leadership

I’m creating a tutorial on how to become a respected political leader in Estonia.

Ground 0 tip: Buy a big house and talk a lot, maybe sing a couple of songs. You now have proof you are a great leader, because you are able to memorize slogans better than anyone in the village.

Tip nr 1. As the final argument in any discussion, you use a good stompy punch and then you pee on them to show dominance. Empirical evidence show, this will work. (Limited warranty)

Tip nr 2. Be real quiet if there’s a difficult problem which would include calculations and annoying nerdy stuff like that, you’re probably not a numbers person anyway. But crank up the volume when there are penis and vagina problems. Uterus problems are also cool, but they’re high maintenance because a doctor might walk in and start threatening everyone with cancer, so uterus should be plan B. On the other hand, if you could find some type of way to keep the vagina and penis talks on autopilot, like using millions of government funds to create a cool poll to vote which are the best set of penis/vajayjay combinations, you’re set for months and you get thousands of clicks while having hands free to do other things, like eating cake.

Visibly a very wise frog, look at the seriousness.