Acrylic painting of children blowing bubbles

This is a bigger acrylic painting I was working on this winter, enjoyed thinking back at childhood and about taking on small adventures with friends.

Poster prints are available at:

acrylic painting on a canvas by 5erg silja erg bubbles night sky moon children blowing bubbles


Monster ravens big ink painting (For sale)

My monsters never left my side

Size of the painting is roughly 3 x 4 feet.

The painting is for sale on Etsy:

Location is Estonia in Europe, direct contact is siljaerg [t] gmail.

Big black raven painting ink art demonic ravens crows silja ergBig black raven painting ink art demonic ravens crows



How to decorate your room so people would think you’re crazy – part 2

This is part two of the how to tutorial, or a sequel to a topic that I felt has really been covered too little – it’s about how to decorate your private space in a way it will remain a private space and to use weird things that people are scared of.

We’ve covered the idea of multiplying a specific painting or other  artwork into amounts that will create a distraction. In a nutshell, you can put a huge number of the same cute items onto the walls and your room will remain empty.

The other trick would be to buy  frames which stand on their own and then turn them down, so only the backside is visible. This is a huge expression of issues, dark aura, eerie ghosts of the past and so on. People have been trained to think that a backside of a painting means something awful, so if you happen to decorate your house with the backsides of frames or paintings, it can not be argued that a room is never to be visited again.

You think this is a normal sight of a backside of a canvas? Uhuh, how about you imagine now – a person flipped it over! Because of reasons!

backside of a canvas painting


So far we’ve established that humans are scared of these art related things:

  • cute topics in a huge number of copies
  • flipsides of artworks



Nature versus paintings

Who is the blacknwhite’st of them all! I’ve been making these abstract black and white forest paintings and one day I woke up and the entire world looked like someone had put on filter on it! It was the best two days of all winter, really amazing!

Next week when it will get to -20F, maybe we will get something amazing again, keeping my fingers crossed! Aurora borealis wise, we were not that lucky this week, there was a huge aurora on above the North,  Feb 22th I think, but it was cloudy. I have my Aurora Forecast app set to alarm me, but it’s my morning routine these days to check it too.   If you’re in Estonia and want to keep your eye out for northern lights and you use Facebook, you should join the group “Eestimaa virmalised”, you won’t miss a storm.

Besides Aurora there is another light show you have to see once in your lifetime – it’s light pillars and you see them because the water crystals in the air reflect all the light sources in the city all the way up to the sky, like this: The Sun might have a pillar too sometimes.

If you happen to see either one of these, you’re very lucky because you probably witnessed the only or one of a couple of days in the year it’s possible, so take a mental picture!

living in estonia winter what to wear in estonia tree paintings 5erg silja erg
Portrait photo is taken by Triin Erg



The forest artwork is available here: (shipping is worldwide).

Jon Snows Nothing (oil portrait)

How to paint cute men and puppies, the key to oil painting is to learn everything you can about oil paints, then just practice about ten years and you’ should be good to start trying. So obviously I was scared to re-unite with oil paints after the long pause in any other way that to try to remember what I used to know and try a couple of portraits. This is the second portrait painted just for fun and during this one I remembered how important it is to select (or have) a set of brushes that works in your hand, so you might have to modify them a bit or use the wrong ones. So far, both trial paintings have been useful in different ways, even though they look a lot alike.

My glorious set of new paints, very proud.
game of thrones jon snow portrait oil painting troonide mäng portree kit harington
First thing I always want to do is to spend a lot of time sketching the portrait, even if it seems like a waste of time because it will all get painted over right away. To avoid getting everything dusty with pencil lines, sketch on a different paper first I guess.
game of thrones jon snow portrait oil painting troonide mäng portree kit harington
I thought a mistake here was to make the flyaway locks and hairs before the background, but not really, if your background is very simple, you can blend it pretty nicely and add layers. 
game of thrones jon snow portrait oil painting troonide mäng portree kit harington
I figured since it was so obvious what I was doing (making a portrait of Kit Harington is the easiest choice if you’re going for cute) I though I’d like to overkill it and add a puppy, and overkill it twice – adding the magical puppy dire wolf who saves everyone.  


game of thrones jon snow portrait oil painting troonide mäng portree kit harington
Here is the final version of the portrait painting of  Jon Snow and Ghost the wolf. I had a lot of fun painting it and it made me remember that oil paints are really special. 

Ornamented smoking skull drawing

I started drawing/painting this on the “Mask” day of the Inktober drawing challenge, but I’m still working on it every evening when I’m having my evening tea.

Here are some progress photos of the artwork.

Later can be found at


inktober 2017 skull drawing maskskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink paintingskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink painting

Raven artwork

Lets have a special day for the ravens and crows.

 Another thing, no need to get too specific about the species, if you’re creating abstract artwork , but a few people will certainly point out that your demon raven isn’t genetically appropriate, so if you want to, you can be prepared then start with checking out this chart of comparison. You’ve probably never seen a raven if you don’t get out in the forests and parks but you have seen a ton of crows and jackdaws everywhere. If you want to see a raven, you need to go out into the forest and walk around for ten years and get lucky to see a huge black solo bird flying away, trying to avoid you.

Pildiotsingu raven crow difference tulemus

After your lesson about the shapes and characters of ravens and crows and adding raven expert in your CV – if you’d like to draw one, you could continue to select only one aspect you like about them today. For example, I think the thing to notice about drawing these lovely birds is that they are very spikey in general,  their bones are hollow and they are like a heap of needles. This is the general feel I’m trying to capture on the first raven/crow paintings below. It’s easier to concentrate on one aspect of the birds and then create the entire artwork around only one characteristic. For example, if you’re fascinated by the beautiful black feathers, then maybe put all your effort into drawing the part of the blue-teal-black shimmer on the feathers; maybe if you’re fascinated by the character of these smart birds, you can forget about the other details and concentrate on the eyes or a close up portrait and finally, maybe if you’re fascinated with the flight motion, forgot about all the details, and concentrate on creating paintings that have some motion in them.

Here are some examples of paintings and drawings I’ve created recently, to illustrate how to concentrate on only one aspect of the subject, decide what you’re noticing today and create your entire image around only that one aspect and forget about everything else for that day.

Paintings via

The needle-pile aspect of birds, the interesting macro structure:

raven painting crow painting ink art abstract artraven painting crow painting ink art abstract art


The talonds of birds remind the time they were still dinosaurs:talons raven painting crow painting ink art abstract art


The way the birds fly in flocks in such huge numbers, it looks like a new and bigger creature:

raven painting crow painting ink art abstract artraven painting crow painting ink art abstract art smoke monster bird monster


Paintings about the motion of flying:

abstract crow painting sumi ink painting bird art

2017-07-22 (14)


The dramatic view of a bird flying in the rain:

abstract dramatic raven crow art painting on canvas thunderstorm