Oil portraits 2021

Do you remember the oil paint smell! It’s so good! So I took the paints out and felt like painting, I started with a couple of landscapes, and then a couple of rush portraits. You need to paint sometimes or you will forget.

My sister is sometimes making photoshoots for creative purposes, so I lent some portrait photos from her shoots for reference with her permission. It’s pretty hard to find serious portrait references.

The first portrait started out as a realistic one but then I painted over it and made it into a blue vampire.

Photograph and model:

The second portrait from this month, is another model from my sisters photoshoots.

Photograph @triinergfoto and model @kristina.trees21:

Rainfrogs of holidays

The rainfrog really needs to read if the plague ended already, but can’t see over the paywall and there is no known way around it.

Ink painting on paper, A4, 8×11″ https://www.etsy.com/listing/914544032

The Christmas is done, let’s do spring now.

Ink painting on paper, A4, 8×11″ https://www.etsy.com/listing/928465457

Sometimes you forget, but despite the cute bally appearance, the rainfrog is a frog of prey.

Ink painting on paper, A4, 8×11″ https://www.etsy.com/listing/914542142

Experimenting with view in a room displays and photo backdrops for art

A problem I’ve been wondering about is how to display art and giclee prints on a photo backdrop, and how to create a light box. There are so simple answers for most of the things, but I always circle back to them. After thinking about building this and that, I figured it would be most creative to just draw it. So I’ve been spending time painting the backdrop and also using some old paintings, and here are the first trials.

I experimented with a recent 8x12in ink painting.

orange bird ink painting by 5erg view in a room photo backdrop for art prints

orange bird ink painting by 5erg

orange bird ink painting by 5erg

Cool strawberries

The rainfrog enjoying a nice new job it got in May, it’s really interesting and cool to pick strawberries through the winter, because they grow frozen so they’re like cute natural popsicles . So you can enjoy a nice ice cold treat in a warm home you definitely have on that year long strawberry season salary.

Splatter raven ink painting

Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg
Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg, painting progress photo
Black sumi ink painting raven by 5erg
Ink painting 22 x 48 inches. (Sold)

This is inktober and where is the ink! Still inside the pot! NO! This is wrong. So here we go, lets free the ink! Maybe it will turn into a raven.

Some of the raven painting are available here in the art shop.