Potato sack dress project

I took some fake leather, a potato sack fabric (burlap), stencil materials and black spray paint,

First I drew the dress up on the pattern paper, then sew a test dress. First I used a simple fabric that is easier to handle, to see if the pattern came out alright. When it seemed to fit, I went on to dry the pattern on these materials.

I thought it would be funny to wear it to a party, so I got excited and worked on it for a whole couple of days. At the end I think I didn’t wear it anywhere, as the potato sack smells very strongly like sisal or hay, which makes it impossible to wear this dress casually and without commentary. So I figured this was a pretty bad idea. But you know…I was excited about it for two days while I thought it was a good idea, to make a casual potato sack for wearing.

Potato dress.