One Year Pause (AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!)

Looks like it was exactly one year ago when I made the last post. When the war started in Europe on February 24th 2022, it influenced some things. Russia invaded Ukraine and is still trying to occupy it for some unknown reason. You’ve probably noticed, so I don’t need to write about the timeline of it.

I will just continue with the art blog. I didn’t really make any new paintings in 2022 besides two oil paintings, but I need to make more during 2023! There are no problems here, but just that the time flies by doing random stuff all day!

Thanks to some people pushing a bit, thanks to them October 2022 was a little bit artsy:

Ink painting with a lantern 8×12″, canvas,
Ink painting on canvas, 8×12 (sold)

The Rainfrog Chronicles (drawings)

rainfrog drawing by 5erg
The rainfrog determined to love the early spring, having a lovely bikeride.
rainfrog comics keeping a finger on the pulse by 5erg
Keeping a finger on the pulse.
rainfrog comics of two frogs looking at a ladybug by 5erg
The rainfrogs extremely in touch with the current and keeping a finger on the pulse

Maintenance (raven ink paintings)

Just spray everything with wolf urine and put bees on a fence, for protection, so noone can take your January grayness. This is of most importance.

Ink painting (Sold)
Ink painting, 8×12″ on paper.
Ink painting on paper, 8×12″

The what (oil painting portrait)

The purpose of this blog is entertainment only, I don’t know what I’m talking about, everything I say is fabrication and in fact, I am completely insane. (a lovely disclaimer via a random cringe-binge video)

In other news, I have been enjoying oil painting every now and then, I used Adorkastock as model because she has a bunch of great references. For example, this face of pure question:

Oil painting on canvas, 8×12″ A4

Pink in July (ink paintings)

I guess the pink tones have creeped into the recent paintings because the whole world has been so fluffy recently. This week has been weirdly productive though! And it is caused by one thing only – the cool air arrived from Norway and it is giving us a week long break from the cute century record breaking heat wave. Trying to get as much painting time in before the next heat wave starts. I can’t believe that you southerners have to deal with this every year! I have no idea how you manage.

Ink painting:
Painting thumbnails. This is not interactive, these are just really tiny images! Really sorry! Link goes to Etsy.