Pink in July (ink paintings)

I guess the pink tones have creeped into the recent paintings because the whole world has been so fluffy recently. This week has been weirdly productive though! And it is caused by one thing only – the cool air arrived from Norway and it is giving us a week long break from the cute century record breaking heat wave. Trying to get as much painting time in before the next heat wave starts. I can’t believe that you southerners have to deal with this every year! I have no idea how you manage.

Ink painting:
Painting thumbnails. This is not interactive, these are just really tiny images! Really sorry! Link goes to Etsy.

Potato sack dress project

I took some fake leather, a potato sack fabric (burlap), stencil materials and black spray paint,

First I drew the dress up on the pattern paper, then sew a test dress. First I used a simple fabric that is easier to handle, to see if the pattern came out alright. When it seemed to fit, I went on to dry the pattern on these materials.

I thought it would be funny to wear it to a party, so I got excited and worked on it for a whole couple of days. At the end I think I didn’t wear it anywhere, as the potato sack smells very strongly like sisal or hay, which makes it impossible to wear this dress casually and without commentary. So I figured this was a pretty bad idea. But you know…I was excited about it for two days while I thought it was a good idea, to make a casual potato sack for wearing.

Potato dress.