Intober 2019 Day 7 – Enchanted (a moth and a lämp)


Here is a fluffy night butterfly marveling a lamp.

cartoon drawing moth lamp lämp watercolor art for sale


Inktober 2019 (First five days)

A drawing challenge and can you believe my luck, the one that got global is using ink as the medium!  The first 5 days were easy to stay on track. Then somehow another 5 days passed and I’m in dept but crawling on.

Here are the first 5 days, embedded from my Instagram.

DAY 1 – RING  Ring a ring o roses

DAY 2 – MINDLESS a bit mental king Louis 14th.

DAY 3 – BAIT weird new cheese brand trend

DAY 4 – FROZEN dwights snowmen

DAY 5 – BUILD monday briefing of the forest builder ceo’s

inktober 2019 first five days ring mindless bait frozen build sketch drawings

Topics list for this year: