How to decorate your room so people would think you’re crazy – part 2

This is part two of the how to tutorial, or a sequel to a topic that I felt has really been covered too little – it’s about how to decorate your private space in a way it will remain a private space and to use weird things that people are scared of.

We’ve covered the idea of multiplying a specific painting or other  artwork into amounts that will create a distraction. In a nutshell, you can put a huge number of the same cute items onto the walls and your room will remain empty.

The other trick would be to buy  frames which stand on their own and then turn them down, so only the backside is visible. This is a huge expression of issues, dark aura, eerie ghosts of the past and so on. People have been trained to think that a backside of a painting means something awful, so if you happen to decorate your house with the backsides of frames or paintings, it can not be argued that a room is never to be visited again.

You think this is a normal sight of a backside of a canvas? Uhuh, how about you imagine now – a person flipped it over! Because of reasons!

backside of a canvas painting


So far we’ve established that humans are scared of these art related things:

  • cute topics in a huge number of copies
  • flipsides of artworks



2 thoughts on “How to decorate your room so people would think you’re crazy – part 2

  1. If you want people to think you’re crazy you can also put aluminum foil around the walls and over the outlets. That keeps the alien signal from spying on you at home. 😉

    1. Yes, great idea! Because it will double as a really cool reflective wall, which is pretty itself, so you can save on paintings altogether,

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