Enter the Newer Ship

I have an idea for a business. After you’ve set up your new furniture, our company will roll out a couple of workers who will hold up sample conversations in different clothes and topic arrangements in appropriate settings, so you can see which type of conversations match your furniture the best. This will help you select the correct people to be your friends who will match the apartment.

ink wash shadow painting sumi ink artworks

2 thoughts on “Enter the Newer Ship

  1. I love that idea. An Irish writer, Flann O Brien aka Myles nacapoleen offered a service for people who wanted to impress others with their book collections. The basic service was to supply the books and open a few turning down the corners of a few pages. For an extra fee you coul get notes written in the margins such as “very interesting, almost kafkaesque” or “reminds me of some of Proust earlier works. For a premium fee you could have notes written in the front pages such as (for The real life of Sebastian Knight) “thanks for getting me over the writers block, yours ever V.N”.

    P,S. love the flying crows painting
    P.P.S There is a difference in English between underdressed and undressed. E.g. we were underdressed for the weather: we were undressed for………a bath”

    1. I feel like he got the essence of what people are :’D. The fact that the service existed gives me comfort.
      Thank you about the crows! If I mixed up underdressed and undressed somewhere, I’m guessing I wanted to use “underdressed” because that is my word I use a lot :’D I hope context compensated.

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