Grumpy toad paintings

It always rains on a rainfrog.

Here is a rainfrog enjoying some bubbles, everyone loves bubbles.

grumpy toad bubbles bubblebath rainfrog

Here are two rainfrogs enjoying rainbow balloons side by side.

2017-11-12 1 (6)


Grumpy toad in a flowerbed painting

When it’s Friday and life is beautiful but you are too tired to use this long waited free night for anything.
Ink painting on paper.
8,3 x 11,6 inches (21×29,5 cm)

grumpy toad painting watercolor painting 5erg artwork for sale from artist

Ornamented smoking skull drawing

I started drawing/painting this on the “Mask” day of the Inktober drawing challenge, but I’m still working on it every evening when I’m having my evening tea.

Here are some progress photos of the artwork.

Later can be found at


inktober 2017 skull drawing maskskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink paintingskull drawing with ornaments and black smoke tattoo sketch ink painting

Felt Christmas ornaments last ones in stock

In case you were planning on ordering any of the felt cats or snowmen or the angler fish for your Christmas tree this year, I thought I’d mention I can’t add new ones this year so this is all that is left in stock this year. I’m sorry!

Worldwide shipping usually takes 2..4 weeks, Europe is a bit faster but not too much.

Direct link to the section:

needle felted christmas ornaments felt decoration cubicle companions


Art supplies – sketchpad with glued edges

Talking about art supplies, I found a pretty neat painting paper.
It’s like regular a sketchpad, but glued together from all the sides. This way the glued together edges work like painting tape –  glue holds the paper from curling with moisture and also protects other sheets from paint. When you’re finished, you can cut the painting from the pad and it’s straight.

Cons, the price and you can’t roll this paper, because it’s 420g.

SM-LT Pro Create Acrylic Painting Paper