Midnigh in June – Alatskivi and Kallaste in Estonia

At midnight, as we were already out and were eating our fast food, we decided to look around a bit in the Eastern side of Estonia.

All of these photos are taken between 00:30 and 1:30am.

Alatskivi castle/manor has been very well taken care of these recent years and it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and parks. A bit eery to walk around in the middle of the night, especially when they decided to shut all the lights out when we went on our circle walk. But the whole area has definitely changed to better each year, I’d recommend taking a repeat visit sometime 🙂 Wait for the sunrise and go sit by the lake!


2016-06-30 anni öötrip 048 SMALL
Alatskivi castle park, Estonia


When we got to Kallaste around 1am, half of the sky had turned dark but you could still see the pink sky on one side. 2016-06-30 anni öötrip 080

Kallaste is a lakeshore town on the Estonian side of the huge Peipsi lake that separates Russia and Estonia. So if you squint your eyes and imagine stuff that isn’t really there, you can definitely spot Russia on the other side of the lake.

2016-06-30 anni öötrip 092 level SMALL heele
1am, Kallaste , Peipsi lake


There was this lonely boar hitting the small waves on the shore, thank you for that ghostly soundtrack. The photo is taken with long exposure, the photo below is better for showing what human eye could see.

And yes, I was impressed that the pink sky never went away during the entire night. And yes, I knew it doesn’t do that in June. I guess when you live inside a forest or in a town, you forget some cool stuff, for example the time where the sunset meets the sunrise.

2016-06-30 anni öötrip 095 SMALL
1 am, Kallaste lakeshore, Peipsi lake, Estonia.



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