Cute little wide angle lens for my galaxy

Cheap phone gadgets I got from ebay for a few dollars – clipon fisheye and wide angle lens for Galaxy or whatever phone. Both of these are done with the fisheye and I’m holding the wideangle lens in my hand. It clips onto your phone. Quality if the photos is pretty bag with my phone, don’t really think the lenses affected it a lot. The cat likes the fisheye.

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Amsterdam – canals and bikes

You can be in awe of bikes, if you check some facts later is all comes together. There are 800 000 bikes in the city which should be 4x more than cars and about 60% of the people use a bike every day.

Lights everywhere:

2 2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 286

Pumpkin soup (photo by Nafsika):

2015-10-11summit amsterdam by nafsika (127)

Entire house is bike parking:2015-10-11summit amsterdam by nafsika (166)

This little guy getting stung by a bee at the Rijksmuseum:m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 074

Attended crafters and creative businesses summit to discuss some problems in Europe and options to make things better. 44 people + 20 people from about 20 countries. Cool stuff!

m_2015-10-12 etsy summit amsterdam 352