Painting at the zoo in Tallinn

We set our new goal to go and make a mini painting camp in Tallinn Zoo, ended up being entirely sidetracked by the fact it was so cold the entire time and the ink didn’t come out of the painting stick! So ended up eating and looking around most of the time.

Cotton candy and 5erg

We ended up taking only one painting stop and it was in front of the apes playground. Productivity wise, not a very successful trip, otherwise, COTTON CANDY!



Painting camp in Tartu

Woke up early on Monday and went outside to paint the houses in Soup Town, Tartu. It’s a lovely part of town where all the wooden houses and cute tiny gardens are and even abandoned houses look cute.

Thank the world for people with who these type of plans form and come to life. Had a great 2 hour painting camp, then a 2 hour pancake lunch in Kikerkohvik cafe and then smelled creams, checked out paints and tried on dresses for 6 hours.

All in the name of art!

Here is the Emajõgi street by the Emajõgi river:

Here are the runners of Tartu. They are everywhere and all the time: